December 13, 2016

Windows Update Never Stops Checking

This post explains how to fix an issue with Windows Update on Windows 7 x64.

My master (aka gold) Windows 7 virtual machine has been woefully in need of some updates.  The master image has been shutdown for several months because the XenDesktop catalog that relies on it has also been shutdown for months.  Returning my focus to Windows 7, I turned on the master image and ran Windows Updates.  Not wanting to watch paint dry, my attention drifted elsewhere and it ended up being a few hours before I returned to Windows Update.  It was still checking for updates.  I rebooted the machine and it happened again.

I am fairly certain this has happened to me before so; of course, I Bing'd it.  After digging around awhile, I found a forum entry suggesting to try KB3172605 or for x64 KB3172605.  I downloaded the patch directly from Microsoft and put it on my C drive.  Running the patch brought the Windows Update dialog up again and it started checking for updates which is not what I wanted to see.  Reboot and try installing the patch--you may even want to run it as an administrator.  After rebooting again, the patch successfully installed and Windows Update quickly returned with 34 new important updates (1.6 GB).

Let us be honest here, this is Windows Update and from time to time it has issues.  At this time, Windows 7 has hundred and hundreds of updates and that assuming you are starting from Service Pack 1.  I am not confident that this is reproducible but it seems worth sharing with others. I am confident that this is not the last time I will run Windows Update on Windows 7 or even build a new master image.

Drop me a line in the comments if this works for you or if you have any questions,

Brian Olsen @sagelikebrian

SageLike Post ID: SL0012

Applies to:
Windows 7 x64 (validated on a virtual machine and Dell laptop)
Windows 7 x86
Maybe others