December 10, 2015

Lewan Achieves Citrix Specialist in Virtualization

Lewan Technology is proud to announce that in August it achieved the Citrix Specialist in Virtualization distinction.  The Virtualization Specialist requires a proven track record of delivering and managing Windows apps and workloads via Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.  This achievement furthers Lewan Technology's commitment to Citrix in-depth technical expertise.  Lewan Technology has been a Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA) and Services Provider since 1996 and continues to expand its partnership with Citrix.

What does it take to become a Citrix Solution Advisor?

There are three Citrix Solution Advisor program levels.  Citrix defines them as:
  • Platinum Solution Advisor - Partners who demonstrate the highest level of expertise and commitment to the entire Citrix portfolio of products as a core part of their business, have a well-established Citrix practice, and work closely with Citrix on sales, implementation and consulting engagements. 
  • Gold Solution Advisor - Partners who have built a core business offering on virtualization, networking, and/or cloud and have demonstrated expertise on Citrix products to deliver a set of solutions to customers. 
  • Silver Solution Advisor - Partners who supplement their business offerings by adding Citrix products to their portfolio of solutions.
Lewan Technology currently holds a Solution Advisor Gold level.

Annoucing the Citrix Specialist

In January 2015 at Citrix Summit, the annual partner conference held in Las Vegas, NV, Citrix announced the Specialist program.  They explained that, "partners who achieve a Specialist distinction have been rigorously vetted to join an elite group of best-of-breed partners with demonstrated success in real-world customer projects. While other Partners often participate in only part of an engagement, Specialists will be experts at providing end-to-end planning, designing, implementing, managing and supporting of your project needs."

Specialist designations are available for:
  • Virtualization
  • Mobility Management 
  • Networking for Datacenter 
  • Networking for Apps & Mobile Security

What is required to become a Citrix Specialist?

Lewan Technology already held all of the required certifications at the time of the Specialist announcement.  Among the dozens of Citrix certifications held, many employees have achieved the highest levels across several disciplines:
  • Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (5)
  • Citrix Certified Professional - Mobility (3)
  • Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (4) 
The Lewan Technology Citrix professionals spent several months acquiring customer validations and passing the practicum on top of a typical project load.  Unlike other exams, the practicum involves building out a tailored solution then having the solution graded by Citrix. The designation of Citrix Specialist in Virtualization shows that Lewan Technology has been recognized by Citrix as operating at the highest level with regard to end-to-end services.

Feel free to reach out to Lewan Technology for your next Citrix project.

Brian @sagelikebrian