March 1, 2017

XenDesktop The Registration Was Refused Due To No Reason Provided

This post addresses a XenDesktop VDA registration issue with an obscure registration error.

XenDesktop VDA's will not register to XD Controller and receives the below errors in the event log

The VDA registration process results in a error, Event ID 1023, with a message

"The Citrix Desktop Service was refused a connection to the delivery controller 'xdcontroller.domain.local' (IP Address '').

The registration was refused due to 'No Reason Provided'."

The Server or Desktop VDA may have been running for quite some time before this error appears and it seems to be linked to an HDX policy update

Resolution #1:

Ultimately this turned out to be a policy update issue. These machines were migrated from a XD 5.6 environment to a 7.x environment. After the HDX policy update the VDA would not accept the policy update and would fail to register to the controller. The ultimate fix was to determine where all the group policies are stored on the machine when it does do the application of the group policy. I found these directories: C:\ProgramData\Citrix\GroupPolicy & C:\ProgramData\CitrixCseCache:

Citrix Group Policy ProgramData 


First stop the Citrix Group Policy Engine (citrixcseengine). Then delete the contents of these directories (you’ll need administrative rights to do this), run a gpupdate /force and then perform a reboot.

After the reboot the registration of the server and the application of the HDX policies applied correctly

Resolution #2

Use the Citrix VDA Removal Utility to completely remove the VDA then reinstall the VDA. This will wipe out all of the settings and configs on the server and reapply everything


It seems like the updated HDX policies were conflicting with the ones cached on the local machine. Clearing out the cache and forcing an update addressed the issue.

SageLike Post ID: SL0013

Applies To:
 XenDesktop VDAs that were migrated from XenApp 6.5 or XenDesktop 5.6 environments to XenDesktop 7.x

Windows 7
Windows 2008 R2

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