January 15, 2012

XenServer 6 Hotfix XS60E001 Won’t Install

This post explains what to do when your XenServer 6.0 will not install hotfix XS60E001. This is important because hotfix XS60E001 is required for other hotfixes.

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When upgrading XenServer to XS60E001, XenCenter applies the fix and reboots the host only to have the hotfix status be either “not applied” or “partially applied”.  Repeating the process yields the same results.

Instead of running the upgrade using the default settings, automatic, when installing this update, do a manual update.  The manual update means you will need to reboot the XenServer after the update finishes.

Unknown at this time.  Check the comments below for updates.

Applies to:
XenServer 6.0
Maybe others


January 8, 2012

Introduction to XenServer

This 20 minute video is a great introduction to Citrix XenServer.

Topics include:
  • “Ten minutes to Xen”
  • Installing XenServer
  • Installing XenCenter
  • Licensing XenServer
  • Managing XenServer with XenCenter
  • Creating an ISO library
  • Creating a resource pool
  • Connecting to shared storage
  • Creating a virtual machine (VM)
  • Importing a VM
  • Migrating a running VM with XenMotion

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Applies to:
XenServer 5.0
XenServer 5.5
XenServer 5.6
XenServer 5.6 FP1
XenServer 5.6 SP2
XenServer 6.0
Maybe others