May 14, 2019

Citrix Product Editions 2019

In the summer of 2018, Citrix set out on the most ambitious rebranding of products arguably since changing Presentation Server into XenApp. You can read more about it in a previous article, "Citrix Product Names 2019".

At the same time this happened, product editions also were changed.  On one hand, if old editions are engrained in your memory (like me) then it could cause confusion. On the other hand, the new editions have also been unified across solutions so all teams will be speaking the same language.

There is also the reality that the old editions will live on as they are hardcoded into software created pre-summer 2018.  It would be most noticeable in an old license server version but keep this into consideration if you are doing an upgrade.

Here is the breakdown for the old and new edition names.  Please note, the edition names are the same for both virtualization and networking solutions.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

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Citrix ADC

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2018 also saw the creation of new bundles that combine brand new solutions with existing offerings.  Today, there are three Workspace editions that combine some of the solutions above with new offerings like Access Control and Analytics.

Citrix Workspace
Premium Plus

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April 23, 2019

TheAppFactory 1902

This is my monthly update on important things in the world of apps, applications, and micro apps. For me, it has always been all about the apps.


Event May 21 Save the date for Citrix Synergy 2019 in Atlanta, GA. I promise that we'll be unveiling some really cool stuff. Find out more at
General Last year Citrix started a project to unify the product portfolio. Yes, this means that names have changed. For example, XenApp is now Citrix Virtual Apps. I wrote an article you can use as a cheat sheet to learn the new names and has some of the background on why. If the product name columns to the left look foreign, then this is your guide.
Virtual Apps and Desktops My teammate in the West, Ben, wrote about toggling between a windowed and full-screen mode in your virtual desktop. He also explains how Citrix hotkeys work in a virtual app or desktop (Citrix Blogs)
SD-WAN Nearly every Citrix solution requires a decent network connection. Because of that, Citrix SD-WAN is possibly the fastest growing product in the portfolio. Check out this case study on why fishermen in Denmark decided to change the way they deployed their network (ebook).
Virtual Apps and Desktops There are three options for keeping your environment on supported versions today: Long Term Service Release, Current Release, or Citrix hosted management plane. The current LTSR came out 6 CRs ago and the list of new features is piling up. How do you decide? Nick Rintalan, Citrix Consulting architect, discusses how to make the decision. Spoiler alert: it is not a technical decision. (Citrix Blogs)
Endpoint Management Apple is changed the way iOS manual enrollment works on their devices. This change had an effect on our Endpoint Management (and all other MDM platforms). Read more about this (Citrix Docs). The same page also has information on TLS 1.0 and 1.1 deprecations that also happened on March 15, 2019.
ShareFile Did you know that the Cloud Success Center has prerequisite lists, implementation checklists, step-by-step configuration guides, webinars? Read (Citrix Blogs) or jump right into the Cloud Success Center (login required). By the way, ShareFile will be known as Content Collaboration going forward.
Cool Federik Brattstig has an insane article on his site (Virtual Brat) describing how he built a rig to combine NVIDIA GRID + VR + Citrix + 90 fps to create what he is calling RemoteVR.
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April 16, 2019

Citrix VDA Install Error - Unable to start Setup

This post is to explain how to fix the "Unable to start Setup. Please check your installation media and try again" error when installing the Server VDA with Desktop Flag.


During the installation of the VDA the below error comes up

Check the VDA install log (xendesktop installation.log) in this location
C:\Users\username\appdata\local\temp\citrix\xendesktop installer

You'll see the below error in the log "Server VDI cannot be installed if Windows Remote Desktop Service Roles are installed"


Remove the Remote Desktop Session Host Role and reboot the VM.
Once the VM is rebooted attempt the installation again


The Remote Desktop Session Host role is installed and it can't be present for a Server VDI VDA installation.

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Applies to:

Windows Server VDA's and installing the VDI VDA that previously had the Server VDA installed.   

March 30, 2019

TheAppFactory 1901

This is my monthly update on important things in the world of apps, applications, and micro apps. For me, it has always been all about the apps.

Additional Resources

Technical Somewhere between Citrix Docs and Blogs lies a new area for technical info, Citrix Tech Zone. A lot went into this new area to get you better technical content faster. Read "Welcome to the World, Citrix Tech Zone (Citrix Blog) to see what makes this area different or just jump right to Citrix Tech Zone @
General It is hard to do a lot of things in the Citrix world without an account. I wrote a quick post on ( discussing how to do some basic things. I am trying to make things easier but can only experience the Citrix portal as an employee. I would appreciate any feedback on if this helps or what else I could add.
ADC Have you heard of the Citrix Gateway service? Think of it as an alternative to running your own NetScaler Citrix Gateway. Check out this deep dive on how it works (Citrix Tech Zone).
Virtual Apps and Desktops Check out the new Virtual Apps and Desktops posters.  I use them almost daily to explain architecture or data flow.

Virtual Apps and Desktops poster (

Virtual Apps and Desktops subscription poster (

Workspace poster (
Cool Vector uses Citrix to launch a business in space (Bloomberg).  Check out their infrastructure stack (

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February 25, 2019

Citrix Product Names 2019

You can scroll down for some of the background information but let's jump right into it.

The Cheatsheet
Formerly Known As
App Layering, Unidesk Citrix App Layering
Provisioning Service, PVS Citrix Provisioning
NetScaler Citrix ADC
NetScaler AppFirewall Citrix Web App Firewall
NetScaler Gateway, Access Gateway,
Unified Gateway, CAG
Citrix Gateway
NetScaler Management and Analytics System Citrix Application Delivery Management
NetScaler SD-WAN Citrix SD-WAN
ShareFile Citrix Content Collaboration
StoreFront StoreFront
Receiver Citrix Workspace app
Workspace Environment Management, Norskale Citrix Workspace Environment Management
XenApp, Presentation Server, MetaFrame Citrix Virtual Apps
XenDesktop Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
XenMobile Citrix Endpoint Management
XenServer Citrix Hypervisor

Ten years ago @gabeknuth wrote "XenApp" is brilliant! about getting rid of the Presentation Server name.  Not everyone was happy because let's face it, change is hard, but it did unify a bunch of the major products.  Over time, everyone got used to and even grew to love the Xen moniker.  In the summer of 2018, Citrix set out on the most ambitious rebranding of products arguably since changing Presentation Server into XenApp.

[Citrix] + [what the solution does]

There is a different kind of naming unification going on now.  In my opinion, it is because products are unifying into integrated solutions.  The cheat sheet above should help you translate the old to the new but possibly more helpful is to know the formula.  The formula above is simple enough.  One of the best examples of this is XenMobile changing to Citrix Endpoint Management.  It is better because Endpoint Management manages not only traditional mobile smartphones like Apple iOS and Google Android but also MacOS, Chrome OS, Windows 10 and more.  For more information, see this product guide.

It will take time to get used to the new naming.  If you are talking to a Citrix employee or partner, feel free to use the old name--we'll know what you are talking about.  On the flipside, you may hear employees using the new names (and we are being encouraged to)--feel free to ask for clarification and we will be happy to translate.  2018 also brought new product edition names.  For more information on those changes, stay tuned for another blog post.

Brian @sagelikebrian