March 30, 2019

TheAppFactory 1901

This is my monthly update on important things in the world of apps, applications, and micro apps. For me, it has always been all about the apps.

Additional Resources

Technical Somewhere between Citrix Docs and Blogs lies a new area for technical info, Citrix Tech Zone. A lot went into this new area to get you better technical content faster. Read "Welcome to the World, Citrix Tech Zone (Citrix Blog) to see what makes this area different or just jump right to Citrix Tech Zone @
General It is hard to do a lot of things in the Citrix world without an account. I wrote a quick post on ( discussing how to do some basic things. I am trying to make things easier but can only experience the Citrix portal as an employee. I would appreciate any feedback on if this helps or what else I could add.
ADC Have you heard of the Citrix Gateway service? Think of it as an alternative to running your own NetScaler Citrix Gateway. Check out this deep dive on how it works (Citrix Tech Zone).
Virtual Apps and Desktops Check out the new Virtual Apps and Desktops posters.  I use them almost daily to explain architecture or data flow.

Virtual Apps and Desktops poster (

Virtual Apps and Desktops subscription poster (

Workspace poster (
Cool Vector uses Citrix to launch a business in space (Bloomberg).  Check out their infrastructure stack (

Brian @sagelikebrian