May 9, 2012

Citrix Synergy 2012 Live

Walking into the keynote
I could not be more excited to be sitting in the Moscone Center in sunny San Francisco right now.  The room is packed and techno music is pumping.

 I'm going to try and live blog the event as long as my battery and Internet hold out.

Mark T is on the stage.

Quick Updates:

  •  GoToAssist - free on Android and iPad now
  • VIAB - best of Interop Award yesterday, upgrade to XenDesktop supported
  • AppDNA -  launch of 6.1 today.  Simplified. Deeper insight.
  • Virtual Computer - now a part of Citrix, re-branded as XenClient Enterprise Edition, get it this quarter
  • Microsoft - Citrix still likes them, SCCM integration
  • Cisco - 5 year alliance to exchange IP
  • GoToMeeting - HD faces now on iPad
"Life Slice" I believe Mark T just coined the term "life slice".  The concept reflects how we used to go to work and then come home.  Work life was isolated.  Home life was isolated.  The graphical representation looks like a pizza missing two pieces.  The reality is that work is now around the clock and the pizza slices are many and sometimes very, very small.

Life Slice Graph

Podio on stage discussing their product. It is a workspace collaboration tool that integrates with tens of cloud file providers (e.g. ShareFile, Google Docs...).  Now integrates with GoToMeeting.  Appeals to my GTD nature.  They are working on Receiver integration.  Mark is calling it a platform.  Hmm, Windows is a platform.  I can see a future using more of the former and less of the later.  Free for teams up to five people now.

ShareFile has a new feature called StorageZones.  Choose where your data is stored.  GM coming on stage to do a demo of the Outlook plug-in.  ShareFile Sync is Dropbox easy.

Brad Peterson is on stage with Mark now demoing the Citrix stack.
  • Receiver now has a native to the device browser (think iPad) to give you an Intranet browser any time
  •  Receiver can now deliver native apps from the enterprise
  • Receiver on Android has parity with mobile apps
  • Brad had at least 4 devices sewed into his suit coat.  Kept pulling them out and demoing integration.
Remote PC utilizes "distributed VDI" to broker to physical desktops.  I'm really excited about this because it lowers the barrier to entry while delivering a familiar experience.

Deep Compression CODEC is a HDX 3D Pro component new today

Windows 8 will be fully supported on the server and client.

Brad coming back up for device demos.
  • Brad showing Series 7 laptop with new Intel chipset using HDX 3D Pro to a CAD app.  
  • Connecting into Windows 8 using a Xenith 2.  Touch display works great with Windows 8 metro interface.  
  • Samsung tablet using Windows 8.  Noticed that the metro interface has live tiles which I haven't noticed playing with the betas.
HDX on a chip is getting cheaper.  Six months ago prices $250 now they are getting to the sub-$100 range.

PoE device HP has a HDX on a chip all-in-one device that runs on only 13 watts.  That means that it can be run over PoE and includes the monitor.  Brad ran out into the audience with the all-in-one device running Google Earth.  One cable...awesome.

CloudBridge 2 announced and shipping in June.

battery just hit 10%--should have charged it last night

NetScaler 10 considered #1 Internet delivery platform (not sure by who).  Tri-scale architecture new marketing mantra.  Available today.

I guess One More Thing is re-branded as 

I almost forgot...

Project Avalon migrate, drain, and burst across any public or private cloud.  Open cloud-style APIs built on top of CloudStack. Compatible with XA 6+, XD 5+.  Going to Beta in the second half of 2012.  Big direction going into the future.

Thanks for hanging with me.