March 30, 2017

Citrix Reciever - Multiple Monitors w/ Different Resolutions - Right Mouse Clicks Not Recognized

This post is to assist in the resolution of right mouse clicks not being recognized on certain published apps when the endpoint device has multiple monitors that are different display sizes.

When the user launches a published application and is unable to right mouse click on certain portions of the application. I had this issue when the user would move the published app to their secondary monitor (in my case it was the left monitor) then one specific portion of the application would not recognize the right click of the mouse. However if the published app was moved to the primary monitor (right monitor) then it would behave correctly. 

What ended up fixing the issue was changing the display settings so that the left monitor was the primary monitor then adjusting the users Start Menu and Desktop icons to the right monitor. Once we did that the published app would recognize the right clicks on both monitors.

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Applies to:

Windows 7 at least
This was my first encounter with this issue. I'll update this post if the issue comes up in other OS's

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  1. Windows Receiver 4.10 may help with this as well as it handles different DPI for multiple monitors much better. Check it out here The anatomy of Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.10 for more information.