May 14, 2011

Citrix eDocs and Amazon Kindle

I’ve only had a Kindle (3rd gen Wi-Fi) since Christmas but I already love it.   It holds a ton of books, the battery lasts for weeks, and I can use it even when sitting in coach.  Last week I discovered a new use, when you link up the Kindle with your Amazon account it will assign you a couple of email addresses.  The addresses can be used to email content wirelessly to the device.

This feature opens up a lot of possibilities.  One of the most useful has been exporting PDFs from Citrix’s eDocs site ( and then sending them to the Kindle for future reading.  Citrix eDocs is basically a hierarchical listing of product guides.  At any point in the tree you can click on the PDF button and it will generate a document that you can print or save.  Email that PDF to your Kindle’s special email address to take it anywhere.

What are you putting on your Kindle?


  1. Citrix now has released a new version of Citrix eDocs that includes improved PDFs.

  2. Thanks for the update Mike. It really is turning into an one stop resource.