August 9, 2011

I’ve Been Everywhere with FourSquare

One my favorite features of the iPhone 4G is the GPS. I use the built-in Google Maps constantly while traveling and even in my home town. The uses don't stop there; I have used it to log a run (iMapMyRun iTunes), find my friends (Google Latitude iTunes), and to find places to hang out and eat (FourSquare iTunes).

FourSquare is certainly my favorite app because of the fun way it allows you to explore places, get feedback and tips, and unlock badges. FourSquare uses your phone's GPS to show you venues nearby. Users can “check-in” to venues to unlock specials (like a free drink I got last week at Quiznos) as well as earn quirky badges like “jetsetter” for someone who checks into five different airports. Check into the same place enough times in a sixty day period you can earn the coveted “Mayor” title.

FourSquare tip: if you see a tip you like while looking at a venue (i.e. try the smoked wings, fall off the bone goodness), tap on it and tap Add To-Do. You can view your to-dos by how recently you entered them or by a map showing the closest ones (my favorite feature).

Recently, I had a good stretch of travel that took me to both coasts as well as a road trip across the Midwest. FourSquare was my app of choice to find coffee, places to eat, and even grab a drink. The image below shows my last 150 check-ins on a Google Map. Make your own map by following the instructions shown on

The title alludes to the Man in Black and here he is for your listening enjoyment.

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  1. In the tip above, I mention that you can view your list in map view on your smart phone. That allows you to see your favorite places in reference to where you are. Since I made the post, FourSquare now allows you to save multiple lists. I have one called "My To-Do List" which has all of the places I enjoy eating at. My "Check It Out" list has places that others have mentioned or I have driven by. The most delicious list may be "Breakfast" because my wife loves to go out for a fancy breakfast.

    What do you use lists for?