May 22, 2013

Citrix Synergy 2013 Live

Anaheim Convention Center

Citrix Summit 2013 is officially over.  It has been two days of speakers and sessions geared towards partners.  Big announcements don't typically happen until Synergy when the conference opens up to everyone.  The one interesting announcement so far has been the separation of Summit and Synergy for 2014.  There will be two conferences next year held at different times of the year and in different locations.

Very soon, Mark T will take the stage for the opening keynote to reflect on the last year as well as make new announcements.  I can't wait.  I'll do my best to live blog the keynote so keep refreshing this page.  In the meantime, check out my coverage from Synergy 2012 and Synergy 2011.

So far, the theme of the conference has been mobility, mobility, mobility.

  • It's big and getting bigger
  • Partner with Apache
  • Focus on corporate customers
  • Now on Azure
  • StorageZone Connectors
    • Connect to SharePoint (check-in, check-out)
    • Others coming
Desktop Player for Mac
  • Tech preview next month
  • Run Windows local on your Mac
  • Part of XenDesktop
  • I want to check this out

Mark T is talking about mobile and how the new generation of workers expect this.  Mobile also aids with disruptions (natural disasters) and the general consumerization of technology.  Mark T had a discussion with one of the worlds largest beverage companies and their new strategy is DOS (Don't Own Stuff).  Another big client's philosophy is streamlining MAC (Move, Add & Changes).  Citrix sums this up as mobile work styles.

Announcing XenDesktop 7
  • Flexcast Management Architecture (FMA)
  • 1 download
  • Fast deployment with built-in wizards
  • Automatic configuration checks
  • 20 minutes to get started
  • Down to two consoles: Studio and Director
  • HDX Insight
    • Full end-to-end monitoring for HDX traffic
    • Integrated into Desktop Director
  • App-by-app publishing
  • Windows app migration
    • Integrated AppDNA technology
  • Runs on Windows Server 2012
  • HDX Mobile
    • HD video on any device even over 3G
    • Smooth scrolling, natural gesturing
    • Supports native mobile functions
  • Mobile SDK for Windows apps
    • Gives you access to mobile device sensors
    • >50 APIs
  • Desktop Director
    • Looks awesome
    • Advanced reporting
    • Gives you what you need to solve issues
  • Receiver
    • Great Windows 8 support
    • Amazing Flash video support demoed on an iPad Mini
  • Shipping June with XenApp 6.5 FP2
  • Almost 10 year partnership that started with the Boeing 787
  • Brad Peterson is demoing Adobe Photoshop on an iPad mini
    • Super fluid editing and effects
    • Response time is fairly amazing
  • Next demo is a MacBook connected to 5 high end workstations
    • Brad is switching between the applications
    • They are editing a 4K video-live with Adobe Premium, perfect smooth performance
    • Each application is more stunning than the last
    • Google Earth being demoed using the LeapMotion to zoom around the planet--very cool
  • vGrid vGPU announced and integrated into XenDesktop 7
XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2 coming soon

  • Worx Enroll - self-service device registration
  • Worx Home - mobile settings, support and store
  • Citrix GoToAssist is integrated into XenMobile
  • Brad is back to demo
    • Worx Enroll as an iOS app to sign up
    • Worx Home shows you apps and it starts downloading and installing them onto an iPhone
      • Mix of SaaS, Windows, and other apps
    • Admin console is slick, he performs a simple wipe of the phone
    • Talks about the Android Stick (USB)
  • Three built in apps:
    • WorxMail
    • WorxWeb
    • ShareFile
  • Apps are isolated and only allowed to talk to other approved apps
  • Copy and paste can be limited both in and out
  • ShareFile now has the ability to edit PDFs including a slick demo where Brad added a signature via an iPad mini
  • ShareFile connects now allow access to corporate file shares as well as SharePoint including inline editing.
  • Three are now three editions that will be shipping in June
    • MDM Edition
    • App Edition
    • Enterprise Edition
  • Worx App SDK - enable any mobile app
  • Worx App Gallary - new store for apps coming this summer
  • Fastest growing product
  • New 3rd party services with several vendors
That's all from the keynote.  Interesting, no one 'more thing' but overall there is a lot of very exciting things going on both the refinement and innovation front.  Personal highlights for me are the new Director (looks awesome), Desktop player for Mac, and XenDesktop 7.

Work Better.  Live Better.

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