May 22, 2018

Manage your user experience in Citrix WEM

This session took place at Synergy 2018 (May) in Anaheim, CA.

Citrix Workspace Environment Management (aka WEM) uses intelligent resource management and Profile Management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop login, and application response times for XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. It is a software-only, driver-free solution.

  • Resource management - To provide the best experience for users, WEM monitors and analyzes user and application behavior in real time, then intelligently adjusts RAM, CPU, and I/O in the user workspace environment. 
  • Profile Management - To deliver the best possible logon performance, Workspace Environment Management replaces commonly used Windows Group Policy Object objects, logon scripts, and preferences with an agent which is deployed on each virtual machine or server. The agent is multi-threaded and applies changes to user environments only when required, ensuring users always have access to their desktop as soon as possible.

This session has a couple of big announcements:
  • WEM will be available as a Citrix Cloud Service.  This is a great option for organizations that want to reduce infrastructure requirements and management.
  • WEM will be able to manage physical devices outside of a XenApp and XenDesktop environment
  • WEM/UPM will be able to manage Office 365 Outlook OST files and the search index database (jump to minute 21 in the video)
  • Although not an announcement, the fact that the WEM and UPM developer teams are now one is a very positive step for admins looking to better manage user experiences
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