August 16, 2018

Synergy Unplugged 2018 Denver

Citrix Synergy 2018 took place in Anaheim, California in May of this year.  It was a very different keynote with big announcements that caught many off guard.  I think we will look back to this year's event and realize it was the beginning of a new era for the company.

The keynote was filled with lots of announcements of enhancements and new solutions that would be generally available either immediately or in the next 90 days.

In my book, the biggest announcement is the Workspace App.  Think of it as the app you add to your laptop or phone to get access to all of your work stuff.  Technically, it will replace Receiver in the future but it is going to morph into so much more.  Here is a quick video overview.

Workspace App comes to life when combined with the Workspace.  Your Workspace may contain access to Windows or Linux desktops or content (aka files) or maybe you get all your work done using mobile apps on your phone.  Think of all this stuff as your Workspace.

For today's event, Josh @virtualjoshespi and I are excited to break down all the parts and pieces but there is so much going on.  Here are some additional resources to learn more.

Additional Resources

Citrix Blog Post "The Citrix Workspace app -- Our New Bundle of Joy is Born Today" - Vipin Borkar Citrix Workspace App is born. 
Webinar "Synergy: Closing the 90-day Window".  Nick Rintalan and @georgek review many of the announcements from Synergy.  Pay special attention to Nick's section on updates that did not get enough coverage at Synergy.  This webinar is so good, I embedded it below.
Citrix Blog Post "Citrix TIPs Series: Closing the 90-Day Synergy Window - FAQ". A follow blog post to the webinar above with Questions and Answers from the audience including some great links.
Citrix Blog Posts A feed of the Citrix TIPs series of blog posts.  Lots of technical information on various topics.  If you are an architect or admin this series is full of valuable content.
Citrix Blog Post "Worried about SaaS & Data Confidentiality? We've got your back with Citrix Access Control" - Akhilesh Dhawan. Besides being one of the longest blog titles I have ever read, this article gives a quick overview of the security controls IT can use to gain insight and deliver software as a service applications (think in a more secure manner.

Synergy: Closing the 90-day Window

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