February 29, 2020

Email Files to ShareFile

To explain why and how to email attachments to a ShareFile folder quickly and easily.

My team at work has five core members but we occasionally will pull in other resources as needed. One of the ways we collaborate is to share files to a team folder using Citrix ShareFile. We all have access to this folder from any of our devices and can sync the data to have it offline if we need them. Recently, I have been looking for a way to share notes and files with the team but not in an obnoxious email after every meeting kind of way.

A quick note on names, ShareFile is technically called Citrix Content Collaboration but that is a mouthful so I will just call it ShareFile. The ShareFile app got renamed to Citrix Files.  They were not the only thing renamed by Citrix recently.  If you want to see a list, check out SageLike.com Citrix Product Names 2019 and also Citrix Product Editions 2019.

How can I distribute the occasional whiteboard photo without spamming my co-workers?

You can email files directly to a ShareFile folder.  Since everyone already has access to this folder, they can browse it at any time and view the files.  We can also share the files right from that folder to other teammates or people outside of the company.

Here is how you do it.

1) Login to your ShareFile account on the web.

2) Create a folder you want files to go. Check the box below if you would like to be notified when files are downloaded from this folder.

3) Click the + and then Request Files to generate a link so anyone can send you files and they will be uploaded to this folder.

4) Click Get a Request Link.

5) Define your security policy on the uploads. In this case, we'll get an email and access will never expire. Click Done.

6) The full URL will give anyone access to upload this folder. For email, we want to concentrate on the characters after .com/. Copy them.

7) Now send an email to the characters above + @mail.sharefile.com.  You can share that email address or create a contact in your mail program.  Then simply email that address with the files as attachments. The subject and body of the email will be ignored.

8) In summary, this is a quick and easy way to send any kind of file to a ShareFile folder.  ShareFile fans will likely point out that you can easily upload files using the Files mobile app.  This is true but I think this method is a handy alternative especially if you send files over and over to the same place.

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Applies to:
  • Citrix ShareFile

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